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Floating Fish feed production line

Introduce 4 solutions of floating Fish feed production line in accordance with your inquiry. The sal

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Dry type fish feed extruder

Dry type Fish Feed Extruder or floating fish feed pellet making machine is widely used for producin

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Feeding fish

Farming fish requires a lot of learning. Different types of fish need different living environments and conditions, and the equipment needed for feed fish needs to be learned and prepared in advance.

How to feed fish?

Need to know the formula, ingredients, environment, equipment, etc. of the fish farming, this site will detail the relevant content. Preparing for the creation of the economy.

Main Products

Dry type fish feed extruder, wet type fish feed extruder, floating fish feed production line, grian crusher and mixer machine, fish feed machine, parts: cooler, dryer, packing machine, etc.

Helping you feed fish and sale them in your country markets!

There is a lot of learning about raising fish. This website can help you feed which fish is suitable for your country and environment. The feed formula was also shown and some formulation standards were developed but not fully suitable for international standards.

LIMA Company assist you how to make the fish feeds speedly, the fish feed making machine is suitable for large scale and small scale fish farms. In order to make your fish grow fast, fish feed machines are needed to reduce labor costs.

We making agriculture machine for 20years old, and export more than 100 cities , and more than 200 agents , every year we go for exhibition in every agent country.

Talk about fish feed technology about fish pellet making machine, feed formula and animal health, etc.