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Packing machine

Packing machine
The quantitative packing machine is the combination of computer weighing and packaging machine, with the function of automatic feeding, automatic weighing, automatic zero-cleaning, automatic accumulation, error alarming and so on. Widely used in the packing of rice, wheat, corn, sugar, salt, washing powder, and other particles.

Packing machine technical parameters
Model Weighing range Error Packing speed Power Weight Dimension (mm)
LM-01 30-250g  ≤±1g 24-15 bags/min 400W  110KG 590*740*1800
LM-02 30-250g ≤±1g 24-15 bags/min 400W 110KG 590*740*1800
LM-03 10-50kg ≤±30g 8-4 bags/min 500w 270KG 1075*1120*3160

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