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for Fish Feed Manufacture in the United States

The abundance of feed grains in the U.S.A. often obscures the importance of industrial sources of raw materials for the domestic feed industry. Published data from research in poultry and swine nutrition show corn or wheat as the predominant dietary component and soybean meal or fish meal as the only dietary protein source in test diets. Often a test ration would consist of just a cereal grain and soybean meal plus mineral and vitamin supplements.
Fish Feed Manufacture
Increasing competition in the feed industry plus rising cost of traditional feed ingredients in recent years are forcing feed manufacturers to increase the use of less expensive feed ingredients such as by-products from the milling and food processing industries. Feed formulations have been aided by more complete and reliable information of the nutritive value of these products as well as by the development of linear programming techniques for least cost diet formulation based on a large selection of ingredients.

Making the poultry feed pellets is by feed industry or farmers, the pellet making machine is useful to produce the feed pellets or wood pellets for fish, pig, goose, duck, cattle, and other animals. 

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