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oil extractives for fish feed pellets

1 Soybean Meals
Soybean meal is produced in two major protein levels by different processes. Soybean meal must be heated (toasted) sufficiently to destroy, the trypsin inhibitor. Forty-four percent soybean meal is usually mechanically extracted to produce a meal of 44 percent crude protein; crude fat, 4.7 percent; and crude fibre, 6.0 percent. Forty-eight percent soybean meal is dehulled and solvent extracted to yield meal with a crude protein I level of 48 percent; crude fat, 0.9 percent; and crude fibre, 2.8 percent.

2 Cottonsead Meals
Cottonseed meal is produced in three protein levels. Cottonseed meals are classified as low gossypol if they contain less than 0.04 percent free gossypol. Forty-one percent cottonseed meal has a crude protein. level of 41 percent; crude fat, 2 percent; and crude fibre, 12 percent. Forty-eight percent cottonseed meal has a crude protein level of 48 percent; crude fat, 1 percent; and crude fibre, 8 percent. Although all three cottonseed meals are solvent extracted, the lower protein meals may contain some hulls.

3 Peanut Meal
Peanut meal is obtained by grinding the cake, chips or flakes obtained by removal of most of the oil from peanut kernels by a mechanical or solvent extraction process. Peanut meal will have a crude protein level of about 46 percent; crude fat, 1-7 percent; and crude fibre, 10-13 percent.

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